Symposium on Diversity in LIS Education

Aww man!!! I hit the wrong button and wiped out my post about the Symposium on Diversity in LIS Education, and I’m too frustrated to type it all over again.  Just pretend that it was fantastic, okay?

Geez wiz, I hate when that happens.  I did have a good time volunteering at the Symposium though.

I got to hear the keynote speaker talk about Multicultural Literature as a Form of Counter-Storytelling and interact with other MLS students (and faculty) outside of class. Oh, and there were these heavenly mocha cupcakes. I even got to meet Mark Puente, who works with ARL (click here to see why I was geeked to meet him).

This symposium was a reminder that if I want to attend the ALA Annual Conference, I better start saving up my money now.

One thought on “Symposium on Diversity in LIS Education

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