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Mash It Up.

I have several quick things to mention. Where to start?

Oh, the speed mentoring event last week was fabulous. I was introduced to an awesome group of library professionals. It showed me that there are many different avenues you can travel down, how helpful networking/mentoring can be, and how close knit the Maryland librarian community truly is. I’ll give you an example of that last one.

Sunday, I went to brunch with two librarians that I met initially at a natural hair meet-up. When I told them about some of the librarians that were there to offer mentorship, it turned out that they worked with two of them currently. What are the odds?

About my library classes…if I could rewind to the beginning of the semester, I would only take two classes. Guess what I’ll be doing next semester? Taking two classes. It’s been a bit overwhelming, but I’m going to make it work until the end of this semester and then have a balanced schedule in 2013.

I applied to the ARL Career Enhancement Program last Friday and it would be fantastic if I could get in. Besides getting experience of working at a research library, they also offer mentorship, and a chance to connect with other library students of color. The added bonus is that you get to attend ALA’s mid-winter conference, and I’m itching to attend a conference after hearing about how wonderful JCLC was.

Okay, so I had less to say than I imagined. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Mash It Up.

  1. The speed mentorship thing sounds nice! I wonder if the anthro department at my school would be willing to do something like that? I’m going to ask around. I love the picture! You look like a librarian! You know, kick-ass! 🙂

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