highly textured librarian

Highly Textured Librarian: Bethany

high•ly tex•tured li•brar•i•an: A person who is a specialist in library work and has curly or kinky hair.

Welcome Bethany to Librarian Dreams.

1. What is your signature hair style and how do you achieve it?

My signature style, what I rock about 80% of the time, is a twist-out. I’ll mist my hair (with water + a bit of olive oil + a few drops of essential oil), apply a little whipped shea butter to my strands, then a bit of flax seed gel and use Naptural85’s twist method to twist my hair into 10-12 twists. In the morning, I untwist–rock it loose or pin it up or add an accessory or rock a silk scarf–it’s a versatile style 🙂

I keep my products basic and all-natural—my own homemade whipped shea butter and flax seed gel or Oyin’s Whipped Pudding and Burnt Sugar Pomade.

Some nights I just don’t feel like twisting my hair. I’ll mist it, pineapple it into a loose bun to sleep, and and rock a high bun the next day.

2. Which books could give insight on you as a person? Why?

I’m starting to realize that the books I read as a girl really shaped my personality—a ‘the girl inside the woman’ kinda thing. I especially remember reading Mildred Taylor’s Logan Family books in the third and fourth grade. The Road to Memphis was the first book to make me cry—I was shocked when Clarence died. I also loved the Addy series in the American Girl collection. I was all ‘life is all Disney princess-ey’ at the time so those books were a bit of a come back to reality for me. Cassie and Addy really helped me form my place as a black girl in America.

3. What is your role at the library?

I’m the Nursing and Allied Health Sciences Librarian at the Louis Stokes Health Sciences Library at Howard University in Washington, DC.

I’m responsible for building a relationship between the School of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences and the Health Sciences Library. I teach classes in basic medical research and evidence-based practices, assist faculty with research, am responsible for evaluating and acquiring all electronic and print resources for my school, build web-based tutorials, represent the library on a hospital-wide patient advocacy committee, and complete other duties as needed which typically means helping prep for events in our very popular, very beautiful building. 🙂

4. If you could organize any celebrity’s personal library, whose would it be and why?

I would love to organize Corinne Bailey Rae’s Library—if her book collection is anything like her music tastes, I know it would be a wide range of eclectic, interesting stuff. Also, the way she talks about how she creates her music—taking bits of what she likes and culminating it into her own thing—is how I feel about how reading shapes me.

Plus, Corinne was my inspiration to go natural. I’ve had a girl crush on her and her hair since she dropped the video for “Put Your Records On” in 2006.

Want to know more about Bethany? You can find her on her personal blog and on her Twitter page.

Are you a highly textured librarian too? If you would like to be featured, send an email to highlytexturedlibrarian AT gmail.com.

4 thoughts on “Highly Textured Librarian: Bethany

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    Highly Textured Librarians! There definitely is a need for more librarians of color. I’m reblogging this interview because this librarian looks so cool and she works at Howard University. One of the best HBCUs in the country and my first university that I attended. (HU … YOU KNOW!!!!)

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