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3 thoughts on “Information R/evolution (from LBSC670)

  1. Evelyn,
    That was so cool! Thanks for sharing it on your blog. Library school has changed so much since I went; but you definitely have a good handle on the tech part of it! Are you volunteering at the Howard Co. public library? Did you know some of the part time information staff are school librarians in their daytime jobs? I know of one school librarian in Anne Arundel Co. who also works at the info desk in Howard Co. There definitely are alot of possibilities in the library field. If you ever need to take a Children’s Lit class Professor Maria Salvadore is wonderful!

    Penny (pth west. circ)

    • Right now I volunteer at the Smithsonian, not Howard County, but I was interested in volunteering there before I started at MILO (at Enoch Pratt).

      How long ago did you attend library school? I hope that’s not a rude question to ask.

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