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iSchool Orientation

The College of Information Studies had a two day orientation. It was the first one they’ve ever had, and I’m glad that I was there to participate.


On day one, it kicked off with lunch which I was late for. I sat with two ladies who I may never see again: one was an online student, the other attends the Shady Grove campus. It was nice chatting with them anyway. Soon after I sat down with them, an announcement was made that the program was about to start downstairs.


We sat and were introduced to many of the professors in the department, learned about the different programs, listened to an alumni panel, and participated in a fun ice breaker that several folks refused to attempt. The event ended with dinner from different areas of the world, and of course I went straight for the Chinese food.

The second day was more specific to the MLS students, so the hundred or so people that showed up the first day, was cut down to about seventy.


We heard more in-depth about the different specializations, the upcoming accreditation, and resources available to us (like the library and IT services).


During one of the longer breaks, I went to get my student ID and looked for the books I would need for the semester.


Overall, I’d say it was a successful orientation and I feel more prepared for the school year.

4 thoughts on “iSchool Orientation

  1. @VariegatedStacks I’m excited too. I’ll share as many things as I can, or have time for. I’m expecting I’m going to be very busy soon.

    @Lesley My first class starts on Tuesday because of Labor Day.

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