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Orientations and Things

The MLS orientation lasts for two days at the end of this month. The first day is for general college information and the second is more specific to your concentration. I hope it gives me a better idea of how to prepare myself for the school year, because besides getting my student ID and filling out my immunization form, I’m not sure what else I should do to be ready. Luckily, I received some mail from the Bursar on how to get my refund check, so that I’ll have money for books and other school supplies. That check will also help me get some health insurance, which I’m in desperate need of.

The Graduate School has an orientation of its own and there’s a reception for all graduate students of color. I’m going to all three just so I can be sure that I’m prepared.


Am I forgetting anything?

5 thoughts on “Orientations and Things

  1. Is there a library science or info science student group? I’m sure there is. They’ll probably have some new year/new student activities going on. Good luck and keep us posted on how things go!

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