library school

Three Weeks Left…

…before I start library school.

Things are starting to fall into place. I’ve registered for three classes and financial aid has kicked in. I still need to fill out some paper work for the Health Center…

I haven’t managed to secure a second job in an academic library, but I’m still working on it. Why an academic library? Before I graduate, I want to have work experience at a public library, a special library, and an academic library, so I can be sure that during the search for full time employment, I’m in the best place for me.

I’m leaning towards public libraries, but that’s probably because I work in one now. I may change my mind after experiencing all three.


16 thoughts on “Three Weeks Left…

  1. This is an exciting time! I remember this time last year so well! I was still kinda walking on air, lots of anticipation and excitement that it was almost time, so close I could almost reach out and touch it. Looking forward to hearing all about it! What classes will you be taking this fall?

    • Users & Information, Information & Technology, and Management & Administration.

      There’s certainly a lot of anticipation on my end too. 🙂

      I’m sure I’ll have plenty to write about.

  2. Yep….it’s an exciting time to be in school. It’s great that you have experience working in libraries (i.e. public, special, and academic). I was lucky to obtain a Fellowship while completing my degree. You should also try getting involved with ALA to take advantage of the student membership discount.

  3. Yes, get that library working experience while in school. Not only will it help you figure out what you prefer, and provide you with first-hand examples to contribute to classroom discussion, but also a lot of entry-level librarian positions expect you to already have a couple of years of experience working in libraries. Looking forward to reading more of your updates!

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