One Chapter, One Poem: The Brainstorm.

So I’ve been thinking about how to better utilize all these books I keep checking out at the library. Utilize might not be the best word. Let me start over.

As an aspiring librarian, I want to share what I’m reading, like my own version of a Reader’s Advisory, and because I see it as a way of promoting the library.

I’m not really one to review books, other than saying it was good or not so good, but it’s time I pushed myself a bit…even though it will be more of a book bite than a book review.

As I was mulling it over, I tossed around a few ideas for what I should call my RA/book review-ish meme and I came up with “One Chapter, One Poem” because the plan is to read one chapter of a novel, one chapter of a memoir (or other piece of nonfiction), and one poem from a collection. My decision on whether or not I’d read more of the book from that chapter/poem will be the review.

Confused? Don’t be. It’ll all make sense once I do the first one. K, bye.


2 thoughts on “One Chapter, One Poem: The Brainstorm.

  1. Nice article Ms. Alfred. How is working at the library going? Are you going to apply for a job at UMD’s library?

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