Not About Libraries: The Poetry Project

I tried to warn you at the beginning that this blog entry wasn’t about libraries, but you’ve read this far, so you might as well keep reading.

If you have ever clicked on my “About” page, you already know that poetry is one of my things. So when I happened to see Vasilly’s tweet about The Poetry Project I was intrigued enough to follow the link to her blog which gave me more details.

The first part of The Poetry Project is answering a questionnaire.

1. Why do you want to join for the Poetry Project?

I want to join because my poetry writing juices have crusted over and this project could be the catalyst to something positive. Plus, I have a craving for a poetry community.

2. Do you have a favorite poet?

For the longest time Nikki Giovanni was my favorite poet, but now poets like Lucille Clifton, Marilyn Nelson, Audre Lorde, Gwendolyn Brooks, and Nikky Finney are floating on top.

3. Hopefully this will go longer than a year. Do you have any suggestions for themes?

Prose poetry would be a theme I could get into, along with other forms that are relatively new.

4. What are your experiences with poetry in the past? Have they been positive or negative?

Most of my experiences have been positive, especially during poetry workshops.

5. Tell us about a poem or poet that has had a profound effect on you. If you can’t think of a poem, how about a song? Or a line from a story?

Reuben Jackson has had a pretty significant impact on me. I took a few writing workshops with him and my poetry was just better during those weeks. Too bad for me (and my poetry) that he moved up North.

6. What frustrates you about poetry or the way we talk about poetry?
It’s annoying when people assume that it’s an easy task to write (good) poetry.

7. Tell us something about yourself that has nothing to do with poetry!

I have a lot of postcards and no one to mail them to…that’s not entirely true. I could mail them to my family and whatnot, but I feel more comfortable sending postcards to people I don’t know well (or at all).


10 thoughts on “Not About Libraries: The Poetry Project

  1. I love your answers to this! Audre Lorde is one of my favorite poets. Reuben Jackson is a new-to-me poet so I’m going to have to look his work up. Glad you’re joining the project! 😀

  2. Your favorite poets are some of my favorite poets. Wonderful choices. I first read Nikky Finney after she won the Pulitzer this year and can I just say wow? I love her.

    Thanks for joining The Poetry Project! Definitely filing away your idea for prose poetry. Such an interesting topic!

  3. You just gave me a couple of new names to look up. Thank you. I’ve not read anything by Marilyn Nelson or Nikky Finney, but I shall be changing that soon. I’m glad you’re joining us and look forward to what you have to share.

  4. I’m so excited to be doing this project. I’m learning of new poets everyday. I’ve know more are out there, but sometimes you just need a name to get started. I’ll check out Nelson’s work soon. The fact that much of it is for children makes it all the more appealing.

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