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Maryland Library Association

So now that I am officially involved with Maryland libraries, I feel I should join the Maryland Library Association.


I’m interested in connecting with other paraprofessionals, meeting librarians, and linking up with LIS students. There are two divisions within the MLA that I’d be interested in joining and a few interest groups as well.

Plus after reading a post on Hack Library School about the benefits of attending conferences, I am intrigued by the joint conference that is coming up in May.

*Scraping pennies together*


Are you a member of the MLA?

5 thoughts on “Maryland Library Association

  1. I live in California, so I’m obviously not a member of the MLA. However, I’m a member of several other organizations including the ALA (and AASL), the California School Library Association (CSLA), BAISL (Bay Area Independent School Librarians), and Association of Independent School Librarians (AISL). I’ve participated numerous conferences from each organization and even presented at some. I encourage you to attend a few conferences / events and then set a goal to start presenting. Not only is it a great addition to your resume, but it helps you build your reputation and forces you to sharpen your presentation and speaking skills. That’s always valuable in this field. Also, some conferences (not all) provide free or discounted registration for people who present. (Internet Librarian is one of them.

    Finally, you might want to consider joining an email listserve. I’m on several that are school-library focused (LM_Net, CALIBK12), but you might want to consider a few listservs from different areas of librarianship. You can find a list of different library listservs at

    • Thank you. I never considered presenting at a conference. It actually spooks me out a bit, but I’m sure after experiencing a few conferences for myself, I’ll be more open to it.

      Adding myself to this list serve in 3, 2, …..

  2. Look at you, It just seemed like a short time ago, and you sound like you fit right in….I’m proud of you, I new it was going to happen for you, and most of all….YOUR PASSION, for what YOU, wanted to do, can’t wait to hear your stories, What is a day in life for you?

    You Go Girl!!!!!!!!! Hi, Tawnya 🙂

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