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Circulation training.

Training for my new circulation job was this week. I couldn’t possibly tell you everything without this post going on forever, so I’ll summarize.


Monday: We handled all the paper work (like W-2’s, scheduling availability, etc.), did introductions, participated in ice breakers, and learned about AACPL’s mission and the importance of customer service.

Tuesday: Learned how to issue library cards to new patrons and reissue to current patrons, modify the information of current patrons, and the procedure for checking out (and operating) e-Readers.

Wednesday: Practiced checking books in/out, renewals, fines, etc. Also discussed collections…eeek!

Thursday: We were trained on how to hold books for patrons and how to suspend them if requested, plus learned about interlibrary loan procedures. We accessed our work email and Eliza, which is AACPL’s intranet and heard about what a typical day is like in circulation.

Friday: The focus today was on problem solving when encountering a challenging patron, practicing scenarios in groups, and how to properly handle things we might need to lift or push.

Next week we start our on the job training, but we will be spread out around the fifteen branches.

*Side note*

Many of the Circulation & Branch Managers we have met, all started first at the circulation desk.

10 thoughts on “Circulation training.

  1. Congrats on starting the new job! Seems like you have a very thorough and organized training process. Not all new employees are so lucky (having flashbacks of when I first started as library associate).

  2. Hi Evelyn,
    Sounds like you’re learning alot. I agree! I just went out to Linthicum branch today because I hadn’t been there yet and wanted to find it before I have to be there! It’s charming and Laurel and Sandra are wonderful there at the desk. Have you worked there yet?
    I just wanted to ask you. I keep searching for the Eliza and OWA email from my computer at home and am unsuccessful lately in accessing them. I have been finding your blog, though. What a great idea!! I just had my 1st coaching sesssion with Whitney Scott today at WCO. She was wonderful with brilliant suggestions and ideas! Any suggestions for how I can access Eliza and my email I would apprecate!! Thank you!!
    Penny Murnane

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