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Volunteering Update (Part III).

On January 31st I attended volunteer training at Howard County Library for their Adopt a Shelf program. The Volunteer Coordinator explained to a small group of us our duties as volunteers, how to arrange the books, and weeding tips. At the end of the orientation, we had to demonstrate with a stack of books how they should be organized. I was able to get both the non-fiction and fiction stacks arranged correctly.


By next week I should hear back from the coordinator to find out when I can start.


P.S. I found out that it is against policy to volunteer at AACPL when you are employed there, but I had a lovely chat with the two staff members (a library associate and a circulation assistant) that had planned on interviewing me and learned a lot my upcoming position.

P.S.S. I start volunteering at Enoch Pratt Free Library for the MILO in a few weeks.

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