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Thinking about special libraries.

Periodic checks on different library job listserves gives me a bit of a reality check on my desire to be a youth services librarian. Not that it’s impossible, but if I want to stay in my area, the options become limited.

That made me think about special libraries because the Smithsonian is nearby and has a large network of museums and galleries. With a little digging on I found out that by 2015 the Smithsonian will open the National Museum of African American History and Culture. Not only that, they currently offer volunteering opportunities and internships. The internships they offer are in cataloging & metadata, collection preservation, and curation.

I’ll wait until next year to apply for the internship, but I’m going to complete a volunteer application before the end of this week!

4 thoughts on “Thinking about special libraries.

  1. If I have learned anything from trolling job listings and talking to librarians, it is to not put yourself in a corner as far as career goals and aspirations. The job market being like it is… who knows what kind of libraries we will all end up in! So some sound advice I received is to get as much experience in everything as you can. This way, you learn before you apply for a job what you like and dislike, and once you have some experience it obviously looks great on the resume you build specifically to the job you are applying for. Volunteering now, could get you an awesome student job once you get to IU and then an even better job after graduation! Good luck!

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