2 thoughts on “Future programming wishes.

  1. Why wait? 🙂 Start small, but go for it! I think that organizing an event would be a great thing to do WHILE you’re in library school! It reminds me that I attended an open mic poetry reading some years ago at a Barnes & Noble that a friend of a friend got permission to organize in the adjoining coffee shop. (I don’t remember if this friend of a friend was an employee or not.) Since you’ve got a foot in the door with your new volunteer gig, maybe you could organize something there too! Or maybe join the Friends of the Library and organize an event from that angle. It would be a great thing for your resume and/or interviews down the road!

    • I didn’t even realize I could try that. I helped organize a poetry reading event once before with an online bookstore, Mahogany Books. Next time I tweak my resume, I’m adding that one there.

      Side-note: Lesley, are the prospects for library jobs as bad as I’ve been reading about? I’ve read that it takes many MLS/MLIS grads a year or more to secure a position. :-/

      Planning events during library school might be a necessity just to be called in for an interview.

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