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Observations on JobLIST.

The ALA has a career resource called JobLIST that identifies available library jobs. Initially, I was looking for a full time job for myself, but then I noticed something.

When I did the search for librarian jobs in Maryland, ten jobs were listed. Out of those ten jobs, nine jobs were for academic librarians. Only one was for a public librarian. In DC, four out of six jobs were for academic librarians and in Virginia, six out of ten.

Hmmm…so it appears that I would better my chances of finding employment after library school if I studied skills that an academic librarian needs. I feel some type of way about that, but I’m flexible…


2 thoughts on “Observations on JobLIST.

  1. Just wanted to point out that ALA’s JobList doesn’t capture every single job opening. Although, you are right that in the MD/DC area, most public libraries are not hiring right now. Due to budget cuts, most of them are currently in a hiring freeze, or are making do with a minimal number of staff.

    Another excellent resource is INALJ (I Need A Library Job), You should sign up for their daily emails. They search many websites and job listings to put together a comprehensive list of job ads from all around the United States, and some overseas jobs too.

    Good luck with the search!

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